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Eat yourself slim

For years, nutritionists have claimed that the only way to lose weight was to eat less, count calories, and cut out fat. Four decades later, one must admit that low lat diets are a total failure. While energy consumption has decreased, obesity has multiplied by 400%.

Inspired by Atkins, opinion leaders declared carbohydrates the real evil. These leaders then switched from one extreme to another recommending low carb diets. However, aside from a temporary weight loss, people subsequently suffered from cardiovascular problems by eating too much fat.

This is why the Montignac Method is the only perfectly balanced diet. It suggests the right carbs and the right fats:

  • Carbohydrates are chosen according to their GI (glycemic index). The lower the GI the most significant the weight loss!
  • Fats are chosen on the cardio criteria knowing that some fats lower risks and even help weight loss.

The Montignac Method is a leading concept in the diet world. More than 20 million Montignac books have already been sold in 45 countries and have been translated into 25 languages.

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